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Author Topic: Arduino and 24V => TPS54286????  (Read 341 times)
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I was wondering if it would be possible to use a TPS54286 from TI to power either an Arduino micro or mini using an input, into the TPS54286 obviously, of 24v.
If I understood the datasheet correctly it creates a PWM signal , thus powering an Arduino using PWM???
Other thoughts on how to incorperate these Arduino boards into a 24v environment are also very much apriciated.

It shoudn't be so hard when you realizes what a carplug to usb converter costs nowadays. The truck versions convert 24v to 5v as well.....

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P.S. sorry for asking silly questions... I'm a mechanical engineer and not an electronics engineer smiley-wink

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Building your own switching regulator is difficult, you needs to choose the inductor very carefully and layout is critical. It's easier to use a ready-made DC-DC converter. There are lots to choose from, including cheap ones on ebay such as and more expensive ones from the major component distributors.

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