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Hi I'm running a personal project involving uno/mega+touch screen + gps + led strip + voltage reading
i started with


working fine till i realized the lack of ports to use for my sensors
so i moved to


The touch didnt work with my shield so i managed to make it run with this mod

modifying the utft library
and using the uno itdb02 shield on my mega

also my gps seemed to work only on 50-51 port of mega comparing to any port of uno
led strip so far is playing nice in my code snippets

the code atm is being assembled but my main problem is that when running the
modded library "to my belief" all other ports misbehave. so I'm trying
for some pointers on how to make maga+shield work without mods
(if cant get something soon might go to a mega+uno talking setup)

my code is about 500 lines atm and growing as i have still to integrate
some snippets and optimize the loop to behave more nicely

so any help acceptable on those points

1.mega + shield + screen working without mod (screen and touch and Sd if possible)
2.any port redirection guidelines etc so i could make a port-to-port redirection

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