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The biggest annoyance to me in the Arduino IDE is the lag in the tools menu.  By default, every time the Tools menu is shown, the IDE re-scans the computer for serial ports.  However, on my computer, I have a lot of virtual and bluetooth serial ports on my computer and this re-scan can take up to 2 minutes (during which the IDE is completely locked up).  (This is especially annoying when I use my UNO and Decimeilia in tandem because it wastes nearly 10 minutes just switching boards and ports.) 

I have hacked together a simple mod to the IDE so that I can disable the automatic scanning of ports and also trigger the re-scan manually.  You can download and compile my source available here: https://github.com/oroszwj/Arduino


Maybe you want to check this: https://github.com/eried/Arduino/

I tweaked the serial dll :) so it asks Windows serial port enumeration (no lag)
My website: http://ried.cl

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