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Looks nice!

Andras, you can start writing software while you wait.
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I can see it :) Nice! Aren't those 5mm LEDs?

Yes they are 5mm diffused LEDs. I started with a 3x3x3 cube and made it work basically but, had one bad LED. I then bought 100 more LEDs and made the cube bigger to 5x5x5.

Here is where I got the LEDs. They did take around 3 weeks to arrive using the standard mailing option.


Funny thing, I was looking at the same seller, only at his 3mm LEDs. I guess he has good prices. I'd like to use 3mm ones because it makes the cube more empty, more transparent, more visible (up to 5x5x5 it probably does not matter but when you get to 8x8x8 it does).


CrossRoads, I have made a few modifications to your wiring diagram, to make it more understandable for amateurs like myself and to be sure that I have understood things well. I hope you don't mind.

The information I have added:
1. The polarity of the LEDs
2. The value of the resistors
3. The value of the capacitors
4. The type of the MOSFETs and which of their legs goes where
5. The connections between the Arduino and the shift registers

I have removed all the additional circuitry that was around the Arduino or other micro controller on the other pins because I thought that it's not needed. In other words the only pins of the Arduino that need to be connected to anything are D10/SS, D11/MOSI, D13/SCK and GND. I hope I was not wrong...

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