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Aawww... thats okay.  I would do the same if the turnout policy is like that shipped Uno ;)

Good luck!


Hello. I have the same problem. I received my r3 board from ebay few month ago. I had no time to test it. Now I bought the USB cable. It powers from USB. Blinks all the time but no of 4 windows or linux PC see it. Tried another cable- doesn't help. I have Uno v3 and Nano boards.

Can somebody point me to tutorial how to check/fix atmega16u2 usbserial?

I can't send it back as i lost seller contacts ;( don't want to send it to trash too.


If there can be nothing done to 16u2 chip is there any other hardware easy way to solve the isue? I mean any cheap external usb to serial shilds which  are suitable for mega?
Please help!

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