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Are you really expecting someone to draw up a schematic and write the code for you for free, and anything less isn't "help"?

no, but damn give me something to work with..

* Si preguntas, pon el código de tu programa, hace mucho mas fácil ayudarte. Y me ahorro un mensaje pidiendo que lo hagas.
* Si consigues solucionar tu problema, dedica unos minutos a explicar en tu post como lo conseguiste para beneficio de todos.
* Cambia el 'Subject' de tu hilo y añade 'SOLUCIONADO' cuando hayas llegado a una solución al problema que planteaste.
* Utiliza un 'Subject' para tu hilo que explique de que va el hilo.
Si estas empezando:
* Comienza a usar Arduino
* Guías de iniciación a Arduino
* Ejemplos
* Referencia del Lenguaje
* Conceptos básicos
Guia de usuario de arduino
Tutoriales en Ingles
Si necesitas que alguien te escriba el código: http://www.freelancer.com/  o esta  http://www.guru.com/


wow, does everybody take things the wrong way and/or turn things around?

i'm told all sorts of different things..

one tells me i need i/o pins, the other tells me there is no easy way of doing it, another throws code at me that i have never seen before and no explanation...  another one tells me things to get but doesn't show me exactly what they are.. and i'm supposed to learn?


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i'm supposed to learn?


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and i'm supposed to learn?

Yes, that's the point.

You seem to expect nothing less than a complete project explanation with schematics and code.


then show me the parts, which resistors.. i learn when i am shown and taught the right way.. don't just say go get "resistors" but not tell me which one.. that's no help at all!

i have leds, but they don't tell me anything about them..

and one learns from that? good job teaching.. not!

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