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then show me the parts, which resistors.. i learn when i am shown and taught the right way.. don't just say go get "resistors" but not tell me which one.. that's no help at all!

and one learns from that? good job teaching.. not!

hahaha you are funny!

ok, lets start from the beginning...
do you know how to connect a led to the arduino and to code it so it turns on and off?
* Si preguntas, pon el código de tu programa, hace mucho mas fácil ayudarte. Y me ahorro un mensaje pidiendo que lo hagas.
* Si consigues solucionar tu problema, dedica unos minutos a explicar en tu post como lo conseguiste para beneficio de todos.
* Cambia el 'Subject' de tu hilo y añade 'SOLUCIONADO' cuando hayas llegado a una solución al problema que planteaste.
* Utiliza un 'Subject' para tu hilo que explique de que va el hilo.
Si estas empezando:
* Comienza a usar Arduino
* Guías de iniciación a Arduino
* Ejemplos
* Referencia del Lenguaje
* Conceptos básicos
Guia de usuario de arduino
Tutoriales en Ingles
Si necesitas que alguien te escriba el código: http://www.freelancer.com/  o esta  http://www.guru.com/


don't tell me get drivers and not show me what it is.. yeah keep teaching that way.. everybody gets what you're saying that way


wow, does everybody take things the wrong way and/or turn things around?

i'm told all sorts of different things..

one tells me i need i/o pins, the other tells me there is no easy way of doing it, another throws code at me that i have never seen before and no explanation...  another one tells me things to get but doesn't show me exactly what they are.. and i'm supposed to learn?

Frankly because you seem to just want help to make your project idea a reality instead of asking help on how to learn to write your own sketches and learning basic electronic skills. You are looking for a short-cut and while that is at least honest it doesn't tend to generate the kind of help you are asking for.

Your project is large and complex and would never be a good choice for a beginner to start with. Arduino is not a plug and play or lego type activity, it's a learning journey and you haven't yet decided to start the journey with baby steps, but rather want help to jump to the end of the journey. Pay your dues or pay someone to build the project for you.



good job teaching.. not!

I'm a really good teacher.
I teach people to SCUBA dive.
I haven't yet lost a pupil

Of course, I weeded out the ones who didn't want to learn before we even got wet.
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Quote from: Sergegsx

ok, lets start from the beginning...
do you know how to connect a led to the arduino and to code it so it turns on and off?


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