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Hai rob tilaart thank you very much..
But why the baudrate set so big? I usualy set for 9600, and i have use my analogpin for ldr and potentiometer, do you have another way?

What do you mean with real source of power?


setting the baudrate higher means less time spend on communicating and more time on measurements/math. 115200 is 12x faster than 9600

Communicating a string of 6 measurements, lets say 30 bytes including spaces and \n takes approx:
@115200:  3 msec
@9600: 30 msec

analogReads take approx 0.1 msec lets say including all math 1 usec so lets say 6 channels take 6 msec.

1 set of measurements
@115200:  9 msec  => 111/sec
@9600: 36 msec => 27 /sec

So in the end the higher speed serial allows me to take 4x as much samples.
Instead of more samples I can use the extra time to do additional math e.g. averaging and keep minimum/maximum per channel.

Although the IDE serial monitor does not support it, the Arduino can send data as fast as 500,000 Baud. The effect is that you can go up to ~150/second.
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What do you mean with real source of power?

Is your solar panel/battery setup able to supply 1A of power to the servos? If not, you need something that can - a real source of power.


Rob tilaart thank you very much..
On your 6 channel voltmeter, how you get the formula of float voltage? Explain me please..
And how do i put the battery on arduino with solar panel? Can i use digitalpin for my voltmeter?

I think my solar panel has 9V supply, how do you think?


how do you think?

The voltage is far less important than the amperage. I've yet to see a solar panel that could supply 1A of current. That is what you need to drive two servos.

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