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I must admit I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Clear enough to read. Uncomplicated and to the point.

I've seen much fancier, and much worse, sometimes at the same time.

Not trying to say it's not good or not working. Just trying to find out what environment it came from (was later informed it was runrev). It works.

Coding Badly

I must admit I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Tell me which elements cause an action when clicked?


At a guess those big orange button looking thingies look like promising candidates for activation to do something functional. Unless the entire text of the Tech Guides is, in fact, "Tech Guides".

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Coding Badly

At a guess...

Exactly.  Anything that leaves the human guessing is a worthless interface.  I've seen better user interfaces done entirely in "ASCII graphics" (e.g. Turbo Vision circa 1992).

Ran Talbott

Looks like something from one of the first color Palms.

It's pretty funny that they pitch it as "cross-platform": their homepage is festooned with logos, claiming you can "deploy your apps anywhere". But, if you check their feature matrix (about halfway down the page), 90% of their features don't work on any "platform" that you couldn't have your dog fetch with your pipe and slippers.

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