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Hi folks,
I am brand new to Arduino.  I just got my duemilanove in the mail and got it set up and ran one of the basic example sketches and I'm good to go! Yea!

I got this for a specific need:

I will be sending midi note and velocity information from ableton into the Arduino and it will turn on and off LEDs depending on the information.  I'm using this scheme using a max7221:

Each LED is controlled by a different midi note number.  The velocity value of that note number determines the state of the LED (on, off, or blinking)

Here is the midi note information sent from Ableton (this would be for each individual LED):

a) clip has been triggered but is not yet playing:

message type: NOTE ON
velocity: 126 (LED is BLINKING)

b) clip is playing:
message type: NOTE ON
velocity: 127 (LED is ON)

c) clip is looping:
message type: NOTE ON
velocity: 1 (LED is ON)

d) clip has been stopped:
message type: NOTE OFF
velocity: 0 (LED is OFF)

So If someone could walk me through a sketch of controlling one led in this way, I think I could get all 32 done.

Thank you for your help!


If you look at my project:-

You can easily change it to light LEDs instead of firing solenoids.


To my inexperienced eye, the interaction of the arduino to your driver looks different enough that I don't think I can easily do this.  Check out that arduino link I set up...that's how it interacts with the max7221.  

I'm sure it'd be easy for someone that already knows what to do to modify, but I'm afraid, I'm not that guy yet.



Hi Mike,
I'm still hoping for a solution with this.  Looking closer at your project, I have a question:
Do I need to receive midi via a standard midi cable, or can I receive it through the usb cable?  The usb cable will also be powerin gthe LEDS and the arduino, but Iknow I have plenty of current for that.  

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