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Hi Polymorph thank you for reply  :)
I'm just starting, which files should I upload then on to Arduino Leonardo pro micro in order to work?

if I purchase Arduino Leonardo pro micro with ATMEGA32U4, should it be all right?

thank you

I attach the scheme of the two models, according to you and correct?
I've used the same board and your scheme for the connection. And it works. :)


I've used the same board and your scheme for the connection. And it works. :)
Thank you  :smiley-wink:

how did you program it?


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Thank you  :smiley-wink:

how did you program it?
I used @DrRemulak script on page 5 (post #60) and the latest IDE. And it works like a charm with Amibian. No joystick DSubs wired up just yet. But i'll try that out later.


It works ! I'm typing this text from my Amiga 1000 keyboard. I first experimented the same issues as Yorgle did (garbage text with an A1000 keyboard, as he mentioned on comment #63), but it appears the issue didn't came from a presumed specific clock speed (comment #68), it just came from a faulty adapter, making noise in the signal. Here is what I did to make it work:

- Plugging the RJ9 male jack from the Amiga 1000 keyboard cordon into a regular RJ45 CAT5e female connector

- Wiring pins 3, 4, 5 and 6 from the RJ45 to the pins 5v, 8, 9, GRND on the Arduino Leonardo with CAT5e single-strand network cable (I think THIS PARTICULAR kind of cable makes it works without making any noise on the signal)

The wires are not soldered. They are crimped on the RJ45 side and have the right width for connecting them directly into the Arduino Leonardo headers.

My keyboard is a French version (ISO/European layout), so I use the code from DrRemulak (comment #60)


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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. sorry for my english.
I built an a500, inside I mounted a toshiba portege r830,
I adapted the a500 keyboard with arduino pro micro 5v. when windows started system everything works perfectly. often I use the bios to boot from cd ... every time I have to connect an external usb keyboard, because of the problem of hid leonardo recognition ... I also read a certain NICOHOOD who released patches in about. but let's say that I'm very good with wired electronics, and the electronics programmed for me is a bit difficult to understand ... someone would know how to help me about the problem of bios with an example to apply, and I would be grateful. :)

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