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you can find arduino boards at the following address on college st. in toronto

Creatron IncAddress:[ch8206]
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Placement on map is approximate
255 College Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1R5
(416) 977-9258
creatroninc . com[ch8206]


I went into Creatron on College near Spadina on Saturday.  It's a real candy store for arduino-holics.

Lots of bare AVR and support chips, kits and assembled arduinos.  They're a canadian distributor for arduino and Sparkfun.  

The owner is a fellow named lawrence - very approachable and ready to help people find what they need.  It's for sure on my list when I visit Toronto.  



I checked Active Surplus yesterday and they didn't have any Arduino.

Home Hardware on College & Spadina only had one Freeduino left. (Honson's is located inside this Home Hardware now). They didn't have any starter kits, which was what I was looking for. Although they did have plenty of cool accessories and parts. The prices seemed reasonable to me but I am a newbie.

I am thinking of ordering from robotshop dot ca
They are located in Quebec so at least I won't have to worry about it getting stuck in customs or duty charges (as opposed to ordering from US or China).

I saw some great deals on kits from China on ebay. But I am worried shipping time and cost. But if you are willing to take the risk there are some great deals...



have you tried Creaton at 255 College Street in Toronto?

They have just about everything you could want in the way of Arduino . . . and usually in stock.

The store owner is very knowledgeable as well.


Do they carry more things then there are listed on the site?  The site shows very little product.


They have a ton of stuff, small shop but every wall is covered.
I like the shop, every part is in a clear plastic bag with paper on the details of the bit and what to search for to get the data sheet.

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