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I am wanting to control a bunch of LEDs. To be exact, they are broken down into 4 sections each having 3 colors, so that it is a total of 12 outputs, analog outputs. I also am planning on controlling these from my Android Phone, possibly Bluetooth. Down the road I want the LEDs to change depending on the music that is going on.

I currently have the Arduino Uno. I am not sure if the Uno can handle all of this but I figure that it is a place to start and learn from. So which Bluetooth shield should I get, that is relativly simple and relieable to start with?

Any ideas, pointers would be greatly appreciated!!! XD


The UNO only has 6 analog (PWM) outputs.

For control from an Android phone you probably want the Arduino ADK.  It's like an Arduino Mega 2560 but with a USB Host port for connecting the Android phone.  The Mega has 15 PWM pins so it should be able to control brightness on your 12 channels.
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Ok, so for the final project I will need to use the Mega (Thanks John).... Is there a Bluetooth Shield / Adapter that will work on both? With this in mind, my initial thought is to do my testing and debugging with the Uno and once I get all the bugs worked out, buy a Mega at that point.

After quite a bit of serarching I think I might be even more lost on Bluetooh Adapters. I see many different styles, makes, and types, all claiming they are for the Arduino, but which should I use and what are some of the differences and things to look for?


The UNO only has 6 analog (PWM) outputs.

There exists SoftPWM implementations

Is it possible to multiplex the HW-PWM signal to 2 LED's and switch per LED? If done fast enough I might not be noticed?

When LED A goes low, LED B is switch on.  Yes, there is definitely coupling as together their summed brightness cannot be 100%. but for lower brightnesses
one could repeat a pattern something like:   A(on)B(off)  A(off)B(on)  A(off)B(off)  ... might need extra HW.

just thinking out loud ..

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I know that I do not necessarily need the Bluetooth for some of the things I am after there are many others that I do need the bluetooth for. The app I have been working on has a page with a Color Wheel that I can simply pick the color and I am hoping to send that via Bluetooth and the lights will change.

Has anyone had any luck with any of the Bluetooth modules and if so which ones?

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