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I am a noob to both Arduino and electronics. I got a UNO-R3, and have been playing with the sample projects - but as I got addicted, I feel my UNO board is not enough... there are examples to control ethernet, sound, motors and multiple things I am new to.
My request is for some suggestion as to what new things am I supposed to add to my kit - for now I have just some wires, LEDs, resistors and capacitors. These are what I can think of :
1. Potentiometer
2. Speakers
3. Light Sensors
4. Servo Motors
But I am not sure should I buy all of them.. or any particular configuration I should look for.. or I need some other important stuff ! Would like to know what the community did after getting the basics of Arduino.

Thanks in anticipation !


By light sensor I guess you mean like LDRs?- Light Dependent Resistor? They're fun.... I stuck one on the end of a servo horn and had the servo "hunt" for light....

I'd get a few small transistors too, BC547 style. You can then pretend the LEDs can't be run directly from a digital pin and switch them on and off with a transistor as if they were "real" plant as shown here.

Maybe also a couple of cheap toy DC motors, run them with the transistor, remembering to read up on the need for a diode...

Have a search across various Arduino supplier sites- they tend to have pre-packed sets of odds and ends.
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


Have a search across various Arduino supplier sites- they tend to have pre-packed sets of odds and ends.


Lots of vendors, such as Sparkfun, Adafruit, etc., will have "experimenters" kits, or fun project kits. Check out things such as parts grab-bags, etc., such as at Yourduino. If you want to play with motors, Adafruit has a motor shield kit. With a lot of surfing, you can find things more cheaply than buying the kits from Sparkfun or Adafruit, but until you have learned a bit, the kits can be easier than buying parts from Mouser, Dip Micro, Digikey, etc. In some cases, the kits could end up being cheaper, especially if buying from Asia.
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Rotary encoders are fun to. And a serial LCD display can add a lot of utility to your creations!

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