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I am an Android developer and pretty much noob to both Arduino and electronics. I am learning Arduino so as to start with Android ADK. I have got hold of the basic concepts and am planning to start with Android ADK, as it is based on Arduino. Would request the community's help  to find a place to buy ADK - I understand that Google devices are not available, but I am confused on what similar products I may buy to use the APIs for Android. I like all the hardware features listed here :

  • An ARM 32-bit Cortex M3 micro-processor

  • Separate USB connections for an Android device and computer connection for programming and debugging

  • Sensors for light, color, proximity, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and acceleration

  • Micro SD Card slot

  • Bluetooth support

I can see a few people recommending IOIO, is it worth a try ?
If my location matters, I am in Sydney.

Thanks !!

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