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Not sure about a resistor for the diode, I've seen them just tied cathode (banded end) to +V and anode to Gnd. Adding a series resistor will raise the overall level of protection voltage away from 5V, depending on the resistor value.


Ditched the tlc5940 since I blew all 5 I had up, Tried the WS2803 and omg so easssyyy. 2 wires to control, 5v, ground, iref resistor to gnd and done. Flicked fluoro lights on n off on the same circuit for the house 240v and they didn't get hot, didn't miss a beat, worked perfectly. Just need to find a way to interface it to Vixen light sequencer now and I'll be set. Why are TLC's soooo damn easy to blow? This WS2803 was setup in like 5 minutes and it didn't miss a beat the whole time whereas the TLC would have blown.

I did notice plugging 1 input from 2 WS2803's into the same hex inverter would make a weird flicker issue at times though, but that's no biggie to deal with.

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