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I don't think the OP was written by an 80 year old. The grammar doesn't really match. Most 80 year olds I know are apt to over punctuate, not ignore it entirely. Also, 80 year olds picking up something new are eager beavers when it comes to learning.

Coincidentally a good friend's dad (he's 80) is going to start playing with Arduinos. This was no surprise to me. The last words he'd ever say is that he didn't want to learn something new.

I think the OP is a sock puppet.


that's not what I'm looking for not time alarms I want a alarm clock and after reading about ds1307 it has sram to store alarm data I found alarm clock that someone made but was using a i2c display and button switches used 1 pin for each switch and I don't have no clue as to how to make it work for me and now I can't find it again it was a video any one else seen this? and now I see that I need to download stuff and don't have internet at home  so not sure how I'll do that kinda wish my grandson never give it to me but I think the my kids are trying to get me out the woodshop because to first of december I cut my finger half off so now with this stuff I'm daze and confused maybe I should call the local schools and see if maybe there's someone there who can help thanks anyways people maybe in a few days I'll come back to the library and see if any one has posted to this


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I'm 80yrs and have no desire to learn it

Arduino is really targeted at people who view this sort of thing as a hobby, not people who want to have the working solution handed to them. If you just want an alarm clock, you would be far better just buying one. To attempt to build one yourself, with the attitude that you don't want to learn how to do it for yourself, is futile.
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