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After some time testing things look ok on the ground!
I am using the MPU-6050 and the arduino tv-out library.
I am calculating x and y using the kalman filter which i have found on github.
My problem is when testing in flight almost nothing happens ,the y axes responds a bit but also not much.
I think that this is related to the g force on the senors but i am not sure.
Does anybody have an opinion?


If you are still working on this project,,,  Have you gone to the EnvenSense web site (www.invensense.com) to checkout the datasheet and info on the 6050?  Also, while there, you might want to read up on the 'Embedded MotionApps Platform'.


Have you consulted the datasheet of the  MPU-6050 to see what output you can expect from it?

Referring back to your original post, I don't know why you are using the tv-out library, when the usual GLCD libraries such as u8glib have provision to draw lines and circles.
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