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Hello , i want to build a system for controling circulators and valves for a heating project in a house... I want to measure the temperature of water.

What do you recommend ? thanks !

You could splice a very short section of copper pipe into the plastic pipe run, the measure the temperature of the outside of the copper pipe.
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Check the mains wiring regulations before adding a copper water pipe section or
adding anything that's not electrically insulated.  Earth faults can rarely cause mains
shorts to return to earth via building water pipes and thus the pipes usually have to be
earthed at every separate metal section I believe.
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You might even be able to pick up a coolant temp sensor designed for a car and use it depending on the range it supports. Certainly it would cover room temp up to past boiling. But I suspect probably go below freezing as well.


I think this one goes from -55C to 110C.

You'd have to calibrate your program to know the relationship between ohms and temp. But that shouldn't be too hard.

I would think these might be more rugged and are designed to normally work under pressure of 1 to 2 bar.

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