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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and also Arduino. I come from a very extensive software background and I'm just starting to dip my feet into hardware development.

I'm attempting to find the best way to send POST or GET data through http and/or https from an arduino. I'd like to be able to send data while the device is moving (For example, in a vehicle).

The 2 options I've found don't really seem practical, although they're seeming to be the only options. The first would be to utilize a wifi shield and attempt to connect and send data through any nearby network when available.

The other option I've found is using the 3G/GPRS shield (http://www.cooking-hacks.com/index.php/3g-gprs-shield-for-arduino-3g-gps.html) along with a sim card. I really dislike this option for the simple fact that it's not easily scalable when producing multiple devices. Plus, the cost of the 3G shield isn't too attractive from a production standpoint.

Any other ideas or suggestions as to what the best approach would be? In the end, I'd like to be able to produce a device that has the requirements listed above for under or around $100.


If you want to be mobile and independent then a 3G/GPRS shield is your only practical option. Remember that you would need to maintain a service contract per unit as well as buy the hardware.

You mentioned 'when available'. Do you actually need 24/7 connectivity? If not, what sort of connectivity would you need?


Yes, it would require 24/7 connectivity. The basis of the hardware will need to send a small string of data to a server every 10 or so seconds. Is there a cost effective approach to the 3g option?


The only way you'll get the required mobile connectivity is via the mobile phone network, and that means a SIM and paying for data. This will then become the largest cost element to your project and obviously mean ongoing service costs, as well as the actual device cost.


Is there a cost effective approach to the 3g option?

'Cost effective' means different things to different people. You need to estimate how much data you expect to transfer over a typical month and then price up the data plans available in your region.

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