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I just bought this sensor
I programed it and it works great.
The only thing I notice is that it has a wide viewing angle and averages all the temperatures so if there is something really hot but small like a candle flame it doesn't really provide the true temperature unless it is about an inch away. is there anyway to decrease it's field of view? could a lens be used?

thank you for you help.
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I tried that and it averages the area that is covered with the area of the slit so a 200 degree light bulb registered at 80 degrees at 2 inches.
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If you can find something that reflects infrared then you could put a parabolic reflector behind the sensor (and turn the sensor back to front). I'm not sure where you'd find a suitable reflector though - perhaps you could find a reflective lamp bulb that reflects IR well? I'm not sure how easy those would be to find, but if all else fails I know that IR reflector lamps do exist.


This is an old topic, but, felt it was worth noting that this IR sensor comes in different versions including FOV. As I ran into the same issues as the OP.

The AAA designates which of the features it has, so AAA: 5v-Single Zone-Standard Package (which is 35°)

(1) Supply Voltage/ Accuracy
A - 5V
B - 3V
C - Reserved
D - 3V medical accuracy

(2) Number of thermopiles:
A - single zone
B - dual zone
C - gradient compensated*

(3) Package options:
A - Standard package
B - Reserved
C - 35° FOV
D/E - Reserved
F - 10° FOV
G - Reserved
H - 12° FOV (refractive lens)
I - 5° FOV

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