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Hey there,

i'm planning to build a moving robot and i want to use a camera on my arduino duemilanove and send them to a new arduino due via xbees. i have to use my arduino duemilanove to send the packages via xbee because i also want to send values from buttons and other sensors and receive signals for actors like RGB signal lamps etc...

whats about this camera: http://learn.adafruit.com/ttl-serial-camera/overview
but i dont have some free RX/TX ports because xbees.

a little overview:
Arduino Duemilanove has actors like servos and leds and inputs like ultrasonic-sensors... also connected is an xbee and send the data to the Arduino Due also with an XBee which is managing the whole processing. now i want to connect a camera to the duemilanove and send the data to the due to process the images and display them on a LCD or use it for motion detection...

anyone who can say me howto do something like this?



You can use SoftwareSerial to communicate with the camera. 

Don't expect live video through the serial port.  It only does JPEG image capture and moving 10000 to 13000 bytes through the serial line is going to take time.  At the default bit rate of 38400 you should get a frame about every 3+ seconds.  At the maximum rate of 115200 you might get close to a frame per second.
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SoftwareSerial does 115200?
I'd go with a chip that has 2 serial ports, like a 1284P with its 16K of SRAM for databuffering as well.
Here's a duemilanove sytle board that uses the 1284P chip.

PL here http://www.crossroadsfencing.com/BobuinoRev17/,
bare board $5 with shipping. parts can be had for $15-20, or you can scrounge your parts bin for a lot of it.
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