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What is the difference between serial.print and serial.printin and what are it's uses?I would like a detailed answer please bcz i'm a learner and am new to this.I own the Induino X the Indian clone of arduino UNO Rev3.For more information on Google it.


Println puts a linefeed at the end of the printed text so the next printed output will be on a new line.



i'm a learner

Have you already worked yourself through the tutorial section and the reference section of arduino.cc ?
There is a lot of (basic) information to be learned there.

Also the playground has a lot of articles and project examples, but first get your basics right.

Also a good source of information is the source code of the libraries, these can be found where you installed your Arduino SW (depends on platform)
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Note: Don't search on Google for "serial.printin" or "serial.printIn" (which uses a capital letter i) because "serial.printin" does not exist for our purposes.

Here are links:
http://arduino.cc/en/Serial/Println (which uses a lower-case L, as in "line feed")

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