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Has anyone ordered from littlebird electronics in australia?

I ordered my arduino at the start of the week, and had no email saying it has been sent or anything like that.

Have sent them a email and no reply.


Interested in your outcome. They seem to be the only supplier of the Lantronix Xport in Australia.

Looking at their "Arduino Mini USB Adapter" they have this note:

We're experiencing extremely high demand for the Arduino line, order now to secure your Arduino for shortly after easter!

although it doesn't appear on the decimila page. Sounds like they don't keep much in stock in Australia, which is fair enough, it's not a massive market.

They seem to have a bit of a markup on the products, but still they end up being cheaper than shipping stuff from the US. For example the motor shield PCB is $AU18+GST, compared with the US$5 it's going for on the NCK and adafruit shops. Although their new "reduced" price for the Decemila is pretty competitive.  


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Yeah im in NZ. So I thought it would be quicker to get it from Australia since there is no supplier here. Maybe it would have been quicker to get it from the US. :/ I hope I don't have to wait until after easter :( If I do I will try and get a refund and order from somewhere else.

Im a bit annoyed they haven't replied to my email I sent 3 days ago.


I'm from aus and I ordered from adafruit for my second arduino and with the US exchange rate at the moment it worked out cheaper and also faster getting it from US than Little Bird. It was just b4 xmas as well.  :) I recommend adafruit.


Try SGBotics in Singapore, I've dealt with Vivan and the service and delivery (to NZ) is superb.

I passed on LB in Oz because the freight price from Oz to Wellington, was more than SG charged for FedEx from Singapore to Wgtn, FedEx takes 3 days, Vivian's totally On2It  

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