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I really hate being in Australia for this sort of stuff... If only we were in America, also known as the United States of Sparkfunland

I know how you feel - the UK isn't much better.



i thought the same about thailand at the beginning. but then i found out how cheap parts and processors are over here and now i'm quite happy about my local suppliers.
sparkfun is nice, but i can get all the important parts here for down to 25% of what i would pay in europe or usa.
i end up with more prototyping boards and less shiny pcb, but that's okay for me.



Hi All, Tim from Mindkits.co.nz here. I saw the posts about the troubles you're having with getting Sparkfun parts locally so I thought I'd try and help out.

I've registered MindKits with paypal so we're now able to sell into Aussie. The best news is that with the NZ dollar being so weak its likely that you get a very decent price.

If you decide to order, I'll see that the order is international and get in touch with shipping costs and how to go about getting the funds to us.

All in all it should be pretty pain free and we work hard to get the kit out the door asap - oh, and Im also giving away an 'essentials bag' containing an assortment of components we've found indispensable that every Arduino developer needs.

Looking forward to seeing you at MindKits.co.nz

MindKits Chief Ninja


Excellent! I've always much rathered NZ than Aus.  ;)

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