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http://www.mindkits.co.nz/ Sells arduino products (and other sparkfun shiz). I posted a thread on the forum only to find that at this stage they don't ship to Australia.

*sigh* We need an Australian sparkfun. Heck I can't even find female headers on the jaycar website!


It's annoying hey - it can be hard to find the basics (like female headers) in Australia.

Altronics has them, but if you are not in a hurry Futurlec has them for about 40% of the Altronics price.


Jaycar has them listed as "jumper shunts", part number HM-3240. They come in packs of 10 pieces.

I hope this is what you are looking for.  :)


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Female headers:

Jumper shunt:


Sparkfun sells them. But they'll be used for (hopefully) a custom PCB which is to be made by Futurlec. So I may as well get it from them! I really hate being in Australia for this sort of stuff... If only we were in America, also known as the United States of Sparkfunland.

Sigh. Still no decent Arduino seller.


I really hate being in Australia for this sort of stuff... If only we were in America, also known as the United States of Sparkfunland

I know how you feel - the UK isn't much better.



i thought the same about thailand at the beginning. but then i found out how cheap parts and processors are over here and now i'm quite happy about my local suppliers.
sparkfun is nice, but i can get all the important parts here for down to 25% of what i would pay in europe or usa.
i end up with more prototyping boards and less shiny pcb, but that's okay for me.


I bought some male headers from Seeedstudio. They have female headers too: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/break-away-headers-female-40-pins-p-16.html


Hi All, Tim from Mindkits.co.nz here. I saw the posts about the troubles you're having with getting Sparkfun parts locally so I thought I'd try and help out.

I've registered MindKits with paypal so we're now able to sell into Aussie. The best news is that with the NZ dollar being so weak its likely that you get a very decent price.

If you decide to order, I'll see that the order is international and get in touch with shipping costs and how to go about getting the funds to us.

All in all it should be pretty pain free and we work hard to get the kit out the door asap - oh, and Im also giving away an 'essentials bag' containing an assortment of components we've found indispensable that every Arduino developer needs.

Looking forward to seeing you at MindKits.co.nz

MindKits Chief Ninja


Excellent! I've always much rathered NZ than Aus.  ;)


Tim, I'm sorry, but my religious beliefs do not allow me to do business with Ninjas.
On the other hand, if you've got a Chief Pirate.....

Seriously, good to see you're shipping across the Tasman, we need a antipodean Arduino specialist.




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I really wish i read this post before buying from LittleBird Electronics.
It's now been 2 weeks and 1 email and still no correspondence.

I can completely understand stock issues, delivery delays, even time constraints..... heck it's not a perfect world, but to keep your PAYING customers guessing as to the status of their orders, that's disgusting.
A simple email is all it takes!!

I've since purchased another Arduino from Mind Kits (NZ) So far Tim and his team have been great, speedy emails, Great customer service.....fantastic!

I would strongly advise anyone to steer clear of LBE, It's not worth the weeks of mystery.
I'll keep you all updated on when or IF my goods turn up.

also, I agree that LBE be taken off the list of Aus suppliers.



My Arduino has arrived... from NZ! and to sweeten the deal, it's the brand new ATmega328. I can't thank you enough Tim.

If anyone in Aus is looking at picking up anything Arduino, I strongly recommend you buy from MindKits NZ.

After 14 days and now 2 emails, I am still yet to hear from Little Bird Electronics........... :'(

I'll keep you all updated on my progress with LBE.


Yip MindKits are fantastic!

My story is the same as yours Roderz, I ordered from LB almost a month ago now, have emailed and no response. Not Happy.

Ordered from MindKits on Sunday night, and was tinkering on Wednesday morning (I'm in NZ). Happy!

I'm just a bit bored with LB now.



I've finally received my order from Little Bird Electronics. Very late but in perfect working order. phew!

so.... I'm now the proud owner of 2 Arduino's and both have the ATmega328. oh yeah!

Time to look at making some battle tanks  :D :D

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