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The very first sketch I ran in my DUE was the "Simple Audio Player" and it worked great with a Seeed SD card shield and a 16 ohm RadioShack speaker (made in China). I haven't tried again since then. May be I was lucky. 


My DAC0 doesn't work either. I don't think I've ever had it connected to anything though (until now, obviously!) It's one of the early boards where DAC0 is marked as "DAC2", and I've only ever used DAC1, which works fine. Very strange :~


   I was using my own DDS Code - http://rcarduino.blogspot.com/2012/12/arduino-due-dds-part-1-sinewaves-and.html - against an LM386 circuit which I have used extensively on UNO's and Mega's. DAC0 is dead, as a quick test I tried DAC1 and its still working, I do not want to use it though until I know why DAC0 has failed.

My board has the DAC outputs labelled DAC1 and DAC0 .

Duane B




my DAC0 also died :( but DAC1 is still working.. why is it the DAC0 only dies and not the DAC1??
is that a hardware failure? or something else?

and what do do now? van this be fixed somehow?



DAC0 is the one you learn on, DAC1 is the one you then take care of.

Duane B

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