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Mar 29, 2015, 07:25 pm Last Edit: Mar 29, 2015, 07:27 pm by ardianet
First of all, thanks for The-Rebel-Agent for writing up the library. I think most people using WTV020 with Arduino are using the library, including me. :)

Secondly, I want to share my experience with the module :
At first try my WTV020 (marked : WTV020M01, V1.00, 2012.01.12) didn't play or outputing any sound. Read from previous post that several WTV020 module playing only .wav file. So I took the .wav file from the 1st Medal-Of-Honor game.. still no sound played. So I re-check the wiring, and whallaa.. my jumper cable that connect to ground pin is a bit loss. After changing the cable, the module start playing choppy sound..  I try to convert it to .ad4... and now the module is playing the sound.

I'm using "generic" V-Gen 2GB Card. Here's the step :
- Rechecking the wires.
- Formatting my SDCARD with : SDFormatter (turn into FAT (only) Format)
- Coverting the .mp3 files to ad4 with : 4D-SOMO-TOOL , renamed the file with 000x.ad4
- Upload the exact code at the first page of this thread, hear the sounds.

Third, the problems :
1. I need to add delay(10) between played files to have complete sound. Is there a way to play the files  in sequent without using delay() command ? (using millis perhaps ??)

2. There are "Click" sound on every start & end of sound played. Any info how to remove that click sound ? is it because of the .mp3 to .ad4 convert process ? some say adding coupling transistor could vanishing the click sound, is it true ?


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