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Ok thanks for your ideas:

To: jremington, you are correct, just get a flow meter but my intention is not to breach the water line. I agree, it would be simple to get a flow meter or possibly get a used water meter.

To;Paul_KDHB , thanks ,that is what I would like to do and was already considering.I though I had a SSAC relay with current coil floating around but like an idiot I sold much of my old stock to a online reseller. Dumb I know, the use of a piece of wire wrap around the ac to get the induction I have done before to measure current.Got to admit, simple and did not even think of doing that. what values would you suggest on the filter cap .1uf or so or strictly trial and error? Thanks for the idea,hate having to be spoon fed, very new to this stuff and just trying to do something useful with my Fundrino Uno. Then I will have to learn how to program the darn thing.LOL


TKall ; yes you are right, its not ideal but would work, the injector pump also a proportional pump ie I can set it to the percentage of chlorine I want to inject. generally once set unless something drastic happens it does not really change.Part of the reason I am doing this is to monitor my chemical usage, solar salt,charcoal life as well as chlorine and amount of water being used .


Just make sure you collect samples for bacteriological and chemical analysis periodically.  If you haven't already, get either a chlorine analyzer or some test strips to make sure you have sufficient chlorine residual at the outlet of the contact tank.  A raw water test is helpful because some pathogens require stronger doses and/or longer contact times.

I prefer ozone to chlorine because it oxidizes the hell out of everything.  Its downside is that it does not leave behind a measurable residual. 


Thanks, I already have several test ports to check the water. I can test the level of chlorine after the contact tank before the charcoal filter and also after the charcoal filter. I then adjust the percentage of chlorine at the solution pump . I have used 7% peroxide as well but do not currently have a process flow meter setup to use the peroxide properly as of yet.If I did that then I could easily determine water usage and rid myself of that 120 gallon contact tank because the peroxide would be injected at the point of use.

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