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Nick Gammon

Same problem.

Is that what is making my code so slow? I am using stock standard IDE 1.0.4.

Slow to compile or slow to execute? Is this an installation problem?


Execution is normal. When I click compile, it becomes slow. The same sketch that took a few seconds to compile now take several minutes. I did re-install Jave, unblocked Arduino in my Firewall etc, But since two weeks ago, prior to upgrading from 1.0.1 to 1.0.4 compiling takes much longer than usual.
Thank you


What kind of CPU and how much RAM? Can you watch task manager while compiling?
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I did re-install Jave, unblocked Arduino in my Firewall etc

Have you tried uninstalling Java completely and trying? The Arduino IDE package includes it's own Java runtimes and I wonder if updating the full version of Java some how breaks these.


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I have been fighting this for months and finally found MY problem: ESET Smart Security  was apparently constantly checking USB ports and the Virtual com port etc.

My solution:

ESET Smart Security
- Realtime File system protection
 - Advanced Setup
   - Additonal Threatsense Parameters..
  • Advanced heuristics on executable files from removeable media

    IDE 1.04 and 1.05 BLINK went from 2 minutes to 15 seconds to Verify!  (FIRST Verify can take a long time.. 60 seconds or so...)

    *** UPDATE: Still having slowness problems; see following post..

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