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I frequently save and load files back and forth between a desktop and a netbook using a flash drive as an intermediary.  My issue is that unless I change the file name, the IDE doesn't like to save a file or perhaps rather a file folder, over itself.  That is, if I have a program named Fido_v1 on the netbook, save it to flash, load it on the PC, modify it, save back on the flash with the same name, open it on the netbook and then try to save it on the netbook, the IDE either complains about nesting file folders.  How can I overwrite the program over the older version without continually renaming it?



Sorry, instead of file I should have said, Sketch.



So, I'm guessing everyone is suffering from the same feature.
I could keep saving new versions and as many mistakes as I make that would run it up to the hundreds. I guess I could re-zero every day.  Seems like a peculiar overhead.



Yes, well it's a folder not a file. All I can suggest is opening the file on the device you want first, and then just hit Save (not Save As).
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In addition to just using save instead of Save As, I would get yourself Google Drive and redirect your Sketchbook there.


I have this same problem. I open the sketch, make some modifications, then when I go to save (not save as) I get an error forcing me to rename it everytime I want to save it?

The error reads "Some files are marked as "read-only" so you will need to resave this sketch to a new location."

This error is causing me much grief, can anyone help? :0


OK, I found my problem, rookie mistake.

I put my projects folder into the examples folder, so they were read only, moved folder to new location, no problems with errors now.

Live and learn!!!!

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