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Howdy to you all.

I have a "aar-04 robot" manufactured by Arexx and it has arduino board to program.

I'm wondering how to make multiple predefined code and call them in the program like;

definition1 call pin1 set to high
defenition2 blink 4 times pin8

then program various things
then when x reach >20 launch defenition1
then when y reach >1000 launch defenition2


Anyone knows how to pull this off?



Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Mark.

That it is C/C++ i know, but should i use the if statement to create all the definitions for what i want to do then?
If so it's really plain and simple but a lot to program (but it's part of the fun  :) )


but should i use the if statement to create all the definitions for what i want to do then?

I'm afraid that doesn't make a great deal of sense to me.

You can create functions to perform actions, you can define variables, you can create macro definitions...
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I think you really need to look at what the Arduino is and how a language like C/C++ works.

But understand there is no OS, at all, of any kind. All there is, is you and the hardware.

I've not hand a look at that Ardu-bot, as a robot it looks good!. But is you really want to learn take a look at something like this

You may want to put the Ardu-bot away for a while and work with the starter kit.



Make sure that you use re-chargeable batteries.

With only 4 batteries (6V) I think it will start to misbehave after 1 or 2 hours use.



Thanks for the tip of the battery's, i thought it wouldn't work well for long...

And yes need to learn from real basic, never used C/C++ before so try to get familiar with it.
I was looking in to a starting kit, this one looks great.

That there is no OS i do understand, done Microchip Pic's years ago, but i thought arduino would be a better choice to
manage all kinds of projects.

Thanks again


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