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I'm trying to use a Parallax 2x16 serial LCD i picked up at radio shack. It has a built in speaker and only 3 pins: ground, input, and power. It works great, and I currently have a simple "Hello World" program running on it using just the SoftwareSerial.h header file. Next i would like to make custom characters for it. I am new to Arduino and I do not yet comprehend all of the different libraries and was looking for some help. There are examples of the code in the PDF I got off the Parallax wed site however there are no Arduino code examples just propeller and some other board. I have made a byte to make a smiley face and just need help loading it into the LCD's ram. Thank you very much!


Parallax is trying (somewhat) in getting their products to work with the Arduino so it takes a little digging to find stuff.

They have  "Kickstart" (which looks like it has been moved recently) but it looks a little thin in programming examples for now.

Here is the page. http://learn.parallax.com/KickStart/27977


I checked there and did a little digging into the other coding languages. I found that you have to serial.write the command for which ever slot you want to store the custom character using one of the commands specified in the PDF (i.e. 250 which defines character 2). Then use serial.write another 8 times to write in eight bytes either from an array using a for loop or just writing each byte. Thank you very much for your help!


Could you share the code that you used.
I am trying to get it working and it wont work.


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