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How can we communicate between three XBees? one XBee is the coordinator which is connected to arduino and the remaining two XBees are the end device, they receive the commands from the coordinator and hence they must transfer the data out.
Please can any one help me?
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I don't know the answer to this, but did you try reading the datasheets that come with the
XBee modules? That's what I would do.


I am still searching about this, all the datasheets I found are talking about comm. between 2 XBees only and this subject is new to me and I have only few information about it!


Since I haven't done this, I can't answer 100%, but first off, you need the S2 or ZB modules,
and not the S1 modules, since S2 have the mesh firmware.

Then, looking in the S2 datasheet downloadable from digi.com, on page 36 I see a section
on Coordinator Operation, Forming a Network, on and on. That should tell you what to do.
I imagine that's how everybody learned it.


order - http://www.amazon.com/Building-Wireless-Sensor-Networks-Processing/dp/0596807732/ -it describes all you need (and more)
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If you are wanting the end devices to AUTOMATICALLY respond with data without any arduino sketches
then you have to consult the Xbee manual. and use the Xbee config program.

however if you have the ALL the XBEE connected to Arduino or other microprocessors, you have to
send your data in such a way so that the end device knows the message is meant for them as each
xbee has an address.

You should use the AT command  set to send out a broadcast /unicast.
Then the other 2 Xbees are also in AT command mode and your Sketch must wait for
the data to come in. When the command is received, the other 2 Xbees send their
response using the AT command set back to the coordinator.

You would need a ring buffer in your coordinator sketch to store the data
as it comes it quite fast. you then check your ring buffer to see if there
is anything to process.

Your solution is in this thread below

see how people are using it.



I am really very grateful for your help!

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