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Lazy Robot

I want to start with arduino( Im 13). I am quite good with c++ but i am wondering what kind of arduino i should get. Im thinking of getting a starter kit off ebay but i dont know.

Und34dc0wz 8-)


Get the plain garden variety Uno (or its previous model Duemilanove) - this will last you a long time for all sort of experiments. Apart from the board you'll need the USB cable and some "basic" electronics - a couple of LEDs, some resitors a sensor or two a couple of transistors. Also a breadboard where you just plug things in and a set of jumperwires is almost essential to start. A starter-kit will usually include all this. It really doenst matter where you get it. The software (compiler uploader) is free to download.

Welcome to the world of electronics and where your programs interact with real things!

Lazy Robot

Thanks. I probally will get a starter kit from ebay. Ive read books about electronics (im a nerd lol).


I wish I could've had something like this when I was 13... I played with my Mindstorms a lot though.

Good luck and welcome! We're all nerds here, one way or another :)

Lazy Robot

I think im quite lucky in that way


I wish I could've had something like this when I was 13... I played with my Mindstorms a lot though.

I wish I would've had Mindstorms as a kid...

Most of the time I cobbled together junk outta junk, old Lego, old Tinkertoy, old Capsela - then bits and pieces of electronics and mechanical junk from stuff I scrounged from the trash around my neighborhood. Then again, I did have two TRS-80 Color Computers "networked" via a homemade null-modem cable...

Makes me wonder what you and others of your generation will marvel at the kids having in 15-20 years that you didn't have...I guess I'll see it too (hopefully)...

/get off my lawn.  ;)

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


I am glad you youngsters can get started with safe devices, I started building projects with valves ( vacuum tubes ) with a home made high current 300 volt DC power supply - absolutely lethal.. I guess I was lucky.
I'm learning programming now so I will have something to share with my Great Grandson in 13 years time :-)  ( he is due Sunday )
You will find so much help and experience from the people on this forum ( and just ignore the occasional sarcastic replies from those that don't realise the Arduino and this forum was made for beginners ! )
Good luck, and with your experience in C, I dont think you will be just blinking LEDs for long ....

Lazy Robot

i borrowed a arduino yesterday from my dads friend. I had a blinking led working within 2 mins  :)


No offense, but the arduino comes standard with the blink sketch  ;D
You could've done it in under one minute ;)

Come on, get those servo's moving! Motors! You know you want to make your own RC robot  :)

absolutely lethal.. I guess I was lucky.

Aye, wish I had something like that at that age  ;D


Duuh --- I should perhaps have said lucky to still be alive :-)

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