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I have a need to make a fan to cool my xbox and wanted to know how to have code to have the fan run from a three-way switch and then help setting up the board so I don't fry it. Can you guys out there please help?


yes, if you have questions we can help you find the answers. it would help us if you include more details: which fan, externally powered or USB, why a three way switch?


A CPU fan. Powered by USB. Off, Low, High


A CPU fan. Powered by USB. Off, Low, High

Where the Arduino come into play?
Do you need arduino to control the 3 way switch?


CPU fans are small, not a lot of money, don't draw much power.  What are you afraid of "frying"?  Open  it up, find a suitable power connection and hook it up.



I don't think an arduino digital pin has enough power to drive a fan, however small. A direct connection would risk frying the chip.


Can you guys out there please help?

The Arduino won't "power" a fan. It could control it, via suitable hardware. But in this case it seems you're planning to control it via a switch. I don't see any need to use an Arduino for what you're trying to achieve.
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I meant like a temperature-controlled switch. And how would I set up the fan to external power so I don't fry the Arduino


Is there something else you're not telling us about your project ? :D

Have you tried searching the forum for things like "fan control", "pwm fan" ?


No. I just figured I would post something to ask people's advise


Ah, ok. Well, you've got mine: search, read, come back asking about what you didn't understand.

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