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After careful consideration, some of the cheaper resistors particularly the 68ohm 100+ packs cheapies have even thinner legs than i'm used to, not sure if it's a good or bad thing...

So after crushing the arm off my driving specs (by sitting on them) the tiny tiny screw vanished to never be seen again and i don't have any tiny enough, low and behold the cheap 68ohm resistors from ebay are perfect size :D

I cut one end off leaving the tip, dropped the resistor in, apply solder, fixed, small intrusive and I'm the only geek who drives wearing glasses with a resistor as a fix :D LOL sad the things i do, but anyway it works fine it acts as a pin no squeaks, seems perfectly good to use, i'll know when i use them to drive with next.


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The wife says it's "GeekSheek" I say it's a handy resistor to have in-case of emergency...


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