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I am a guitarist and a programmer, and I'm starting to feel slight pains in the musculature of my lower arm.

I do spend most of my day doing either of the two and I think it's time I invest in a 'real' keyboard. I do prefer 'chocolate bar' style keys, but any suggestion is welcome.

I have researched, but won't mention them here in case they affect your feedback in a negative way.

I hope to get some pointers and some user experiences. No Dvorak.

Thank you!


Web programmer here.

I got a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse a few years ago just it's because it's what we had at work and actually ended up loving the feel of it a lot.

Microsoft wireless laser desktop 6000


Good luck.


I'm not a big fan of wireless stuff personally.. I always forget to charge something or run out of batteries at the wrong time.


I bought me a cheap-o, and love it. Comfortable.. keys are.. a little loud, but shrug. I bought the 1 year extended warranty for $7 too.. just because I show my computer how much I love it sometimes  :D  Never did end up using it.. but good to have. lol


Thank you for these suggestions!

I am looking to buy something 'real', and by that I mean something researched and 'high end'. Not that I don't think the cheaper ones would not suffice, but I want to try 'the best'.

It's that time.


I've been considering these:


Wow. Those are extreme. Nevermind mine.

Those are going to take some retraining. Good luck.


You want a real keyboard? You want the best?


The Model-M is where it is at. True buckling-spring technology; solid feel, actual (not simulated) key-click.

BTW - if you have a PS/2 connector on your mobo, and can't afford a brand-new Model-M, you can sometimes find old Model-M keyboards at thrift stores, as well as on Ebay and elsewhere. They are becoming rare, though (mainly because if you want a real Model-M, you want one with the IBM logo!). It probably won't be long before the new version is cheaper than the originals!

Also, given their heft and weight, they can double as a handy weapon in the event of a zombie uprising...


Finally - all the ergonomic keyboards in the world won't help you if you have bad typing "posture" (body, arms, wrists, hands), so look into fixing that as well...

...and if you already have or suspect RSI - get to a doctor.

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.

Coding Badly

Finally - all the ergonomic keyboards in the world won't help you if you have bad typing "posture" (body, arms, wrists, hands), so look into fixing that as well...

I was having horrible shoulder problems until I adjusted the arm rests on my chair.


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I've been considering these:

:o :o :o Those things dont even look like key boards especially the dathand one ! any wya are you sure  those would help ? :-X


I'm not certaion (hence my asking here). But I do want to give it a try. I can always try to sell it, and buy one of those 'ergonomic' curved ones.

I just know that my laptop keyboard is not good for me anymore...


If  you're using mostly a laptop keyboard now, you have far to go in search of better.  Maybe merely a full-sized keyboard will help.  I am really liking my Aluminum Mac keyboads (which are sort-of like laptop in terms of key travel and height, but spread out more.)  There are an awful lot of designs claimed to be ergonomic, all different, and I doubt that there is much far reach actual research that shows how good or bad they are.  And snake oil.  I haven't seen any paths that lead a would-be keyboard selector down a path to the board that will fit him, personally, the best, which worries me...
Your Dr may or may not have better clues as to which types of keyboards go with which types of pain, and etc.
I would suggest trying some of the cheaper varieties of full-size ergonomic keyboards of various types.  Once you've found a type that seems better, then you can go off for the high-priced keyboards of similar versions...


Your wrists should not be in contact with anything while you're typing.  

Ergonomic keyboards are ok, but a correct typing position will make more of a different than an ergonomic keyboard.  Of course, both will help - an ergonomic keyboard gives you a more natural angle of attack.
I've just googled and found this: http://www.rsiprevention.com/rsi_prevention.php Seem good advice.

If you want to join the keyboard elite cr0sh is right, model M is the only way to go.  

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