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It appears to be video (digital VGA) only, and presumably you'd need a 67 pin 0.3mm pitch flexpcb connector to
interface to it (and do the surface-mount soldering involved).  And the logic levels are 3.3V.  Doesn't sound
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How about conecting arduino to an vga generator? I have some old computers and game consoles with a separate custom chip to generate video. The smd parts are not a problem to me. My idea is to to create an digital osciloscope with an RGB LCD. I decided to go for AD9218 from Analog devices. It is a dual channel ADC 10-bit resolution, 40MSPS and a FIFO memory IDT7204  which can store 2048 9-bit words and the write speed can be up to 66MHz, so I need 2 clocks sources, because arduĂ­no only can read at 20Mhz. I have also an STM32103rbt6 but never used an ARM processor and my programming skills are very poor, thats way I like arduino IDE a lot.
Any sugestion? Thank you


Well any chip generating the right sort of digital VGA signals could work - I think I remember seeing a DEN pin on the display.
But physically connecting to it is demanding too - 0.3mm pitch is really tiny.
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