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That is much diffident then the one I have been going by;

Take a look


Here's another thread worth reading on the 3 PWM question: here

Cheers! Geoff
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I put the switch on pin 2 and the last LED on 3, but no go.

I am not liking this new hobby.  When does it start to get fun.

I am using this project as part of a Night lite I am make, I planed on staring the carving tomorrow.


There are only 2 PWM pins  PIN 0 (5)
and PIN 1 (6)
This is a common misconception.  ATTiny85 has 4 pins capable of PWM, with two sharing the same clock source.  I routinely use this little uC to run RGB LEDs.

Sorry still stuck on this iPad or would post an example.

Also, it is possible to drive any of the pins by software PWM if the application is lighting or anything else where accuracy or high frequencies aren't a requirement.

Cheers! Geoff

Really! if i had of known this 2 weeks ago, you'd have saved me about 30 bucks! :(

Which pins use PWM on the attiny85, i'll update my schematic  - Thanks :)



I moved the last LED off of pin 2 (7) and onto pin pin 4 (3). Works

Now I got to figure out the delay on the last set of instruction ( Flame look).

Let me know how it looks on yours.


I have been stuck on this all Day. thanks for the heads up on the PWM pins.

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