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Hi, Before you do that (or while you are waiting..) try some of the other things, like separating the wiring, using shielded wire to the relay coils etc.
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This is just a follow-up. I could not try those other solutions because I only have one power supply available and everything was already fully wired up. However, I got a new relay board, the one that is on your picture, and it works perfectly well. So it's all good now!


If I may add 1 cent.. I just got one of those boards, model is 530677. It's transistor based board with GND connected to both relay and logic.

What bothers me is: the VCC going from NPN transistor's collectors run past relay mains less than 1mm apart for all 8 relays! This will be a real blast when using 250VAC and I think I will go implement my own solution.

Just wanted to let you know.


A secondary relay can be added, triggered by the first, so that the high voltage doesn't have to pass through the board.

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