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Just received an order from Seeed myself, 21 days from placing the order to receiving the boards in North Carolina with the cheapest shipping option.  The boards look good, and they gave me 12 rather than the 10 I ordered.  There's no need to add the order number to your Gerbers any more, nor to e-mail them in--they now let you upload them on their web site.

I so hated emailing the files.  I think that's a good move to just upload them. 


I placed my first order with seeed last night. Just a test batch of I2C backpacks at the default options.

10 boards for just over $13 with shipping.

For the next ones I'll get the size down slightly with SMD components and panelise to get 2 per panel.

It was very straightforward, with uploading before you add to cart. You just need to raise you can only send one file so need to zip or rar. It would be useful if they stated this on the page.

Will post photo's and commens when they arrive (and see if I designed a working board; LOL)


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For boards smaller than 5cm x 5cm, such as tiny breakout boards and adapters, I go with OSH Park. They charge $5 per square inch for 3 boards, free shipping, so if your boards are very small you can expect to pay less than Seeed. The huge benefit of OSH Park is that all boards have a gold-plated finish and a sweet purple silkscreen -

I just designed my first ever PCB and ordered some through OSHP... there were cheaper places on the web but in the end the purple/gold color convinced me to spend a couple of bucks extra. :)

The bummer was that I made two different boards and couldn't combine shipping costs for the two (I'm international so I have to pay shipping).

Fingers crossed the boards work...
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Every board from OSH Park worked great.

Have not received one board yet that had bad traces, silkscreen problems, etc.

There are many PCB makers out there, and depending on options, quantity, quality, all have an advantage over another.

For the small prototypes I have been designing OSH Park is the best choice.  For production, that's another story.
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Sorry, I'm a bit late posting my promised review.

My first batch of boards from Seeedstudio turned up in about 2 weeks (to UK) and I was very happy with the quality for the price.

They even sent me 11, instead of the 10.

I made a 3 minor errors myself on the board, two silkscreen  labelling errors and one error on my I2C or pin driven backlight option, but that just meant the backlight can't be used via I2C on this board, but works fine on dedicated pin. These backpacks are usable as long as I allow for my errors.

Pictures below.

Someone with eagle eyes may spot at least one of the two labelling errors ;-)

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