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Hi, I am creating my first arduino project, it is a robot that starts if the pir sensor goes off.  The part i am having difficulties with is here,

void loop(){

     if(digitalRead(pirPin) == HIGH){
         digitalWrite(buzzPin, HIGH);   //the buzzer visualizes the sensors output pin state
         delay (1000);  //high for 1 sec
         digitalWrite(buzzpin, LOW);
         delay (1000);  //low for 1 sec
       digitalWrite(robopin, HIGH);   //output pin state of pir pin
       delay (50000);

It says that I need to declare buzzpin in this scope (the one when buzzpin is low).  If you know how to help me I would greatly appreciate it!


check the variable names, it needs to match exatly.
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buzzpin is not the same as buzzPin

The C language is case sensitive.

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