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I was dismantling a portable DVD player for recycling. Seemed a shame to recycle the display if someone else could use it. Free for the price of shipping. Display measures 3.5 x 6". - Scotty

Tom Carpenter

What country are you living in? If the UK, I could be tempted.


If the UK,

How many people in the UK are called anything junior?


There was Junior Giscombe, but his real name was Norman.  XD
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I think a closeup of the board is in order to see if it's usable...

// Per.


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I'm in MA, I'll take it.
No idea what I'll do with it.
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I'm in MA, I'll take it.
No idea what I'll do with it.

Save the shipment, go to your local LCD repairing shop and you shall find quite a lot stuff there. :smiley-mr-green: ]:D
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Yep. I have a bunch of those too, from LCD picture frames.

The resolution on those panels is horrible - 640x234 pixels.

// Per.

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