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Hi I'm new with Arduino and I'm using the TFT touch shield from Seeed studio.

I want to be able to go to different parts of my program like creating subroutines " pages"  on my touch screen.  on each page I want to  control or receive inputs from different devices.  I'm trying the togo command it works only to one page but as I add a another page  it sometimes go to the correct page  or to the other  page.  what is the best way to move to a section of a program and work there, without  going back until I want to.



maybe what you could do is the use the switch statement...


I'm trying the togo command

It's "goto", and should only be used when you really know what you're doing.
Try to pretend it doesn't exist.
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Anyone using goto's in ther code should be flogged!.


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