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If your load is using up 100 milliAmps (mA), then it will only draw 100 mA even if your power supply (in this case, a battery) is capable of supplying a lot more.


Estaba hablando de que si da más amperaje del que el aparato electrónico soporta.

If you know the volts and the resistance then you know the current that will pass.

Is the current too much? That depends only the device, it has nothing to do with the power supply.

eg. If you have a 5V, 1000000000000000000000000000 amp power supply connected to a 100 Ohm resistor then only 0.05 amps will flow. No more, no less.

You seem to know Ohm's law, but you don't yet believe it.

I = V / R, aplicando al circuito si la intensidad interna de la batería es baja, podrá dar más amperios.

No. If the voltage is lower, the amps will be lower.

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Ups, intensidad interna no, ¡resistencia interna!, se me ha ido la mano. Lo trabajo con las baterías Lipo, que pueden entregar mas corriente cuantos más "C" tengan, y estos dependen de su resistencia interna.

Thanks everyone for the replies, yes, was obvious:

If the current was controlled by the supply then each and every one of us would have a serious problem in our homes. The power company supplies MEGAWATTS and we use KILOWATTS, if the device using the power was not the limiting factor on our usage our houses would have all burned down yers ago.

But i want to ensure that. Electronics are so expensive... =)

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Electronics are so expensive

No, happily, they're about as ludicrously cheap as I can ever remember them.
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Yeah, I bought 500 x zero-ohm resistors for $4.

Can't do much better than that! ;)

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