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Topic: Arduino Uno + OBD2(ELM327) to read my car's performance ! (Read 4 times) previous topic - next topic


I would like someone to inform me if it is possible to connect a OBD2 to usb cable
(which includes ELM327), to my arduino uno and how to !


You have a link to that device that actual has some details? There is nothing useful in a damned ebay ad.


PaulS thank you for your response. What do you need to know (for this cable) in order to connect it with arduino ?
Basically I have not bought yet any cable but I am doing a research about how to connect arduino to car via a OBD2 cable or any other way. I want to connect arduino with my cars OBD2 and with a LCD in order to see what my car consumes and the rest things OBD2 shows.
Do you have any suggest ?

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