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I am looking for them to be a bit larger than 1 inch, rather 2-3 inch.

I would go to some on the production sites like DigiKey, Mouser or Newark and see if you can find one in the size you are looking for. I doubt you'll be able to find a 3 or 4 digit ones, so they will likely have to hooked up individually. Keep an eye on the forward voltage and current requirements. Bigger displays often have multiple LEDs within each segment which increases the total forward voltage.

One of my projects has these 7 segments for example.


It would be easy to connect a MAX7219 to 8 common-cathode 7-segment displays, 6 showing time & 2 showing lap count for instance.
Look at taydaelectronics (Thailand)for MAX7219, $1.25 each
If need larger digits there are other sources such as futurlec (Australia), 2.3", 3", 4", 5" available.

1.5-2 weeks for inexpensive shipping.
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After looking at the website you both provided perhaps a Double Digit Seven-Segment LED Display for the laps 0-99.

And a Four Digit Seven-Segment LED Display for the real time module.

Wouldn't it be simplier if the two counts were on seperate LED displays?


Wouldn't it be simplier if the two counts were on seperate LED displays?

That was what I was thinking. They also have 4-digit 7-segment "clock" devices that include the middle colon, although those may be harder to find in the larger sizes.


that is okay i rather have the counter to be displayed larger than the real time, thanks for all your help.

now if i could get some help coding that would be great.

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