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Hi everyone!
I started working with arduino recently so i'm kinda newbie on this subject (I also don't speak English as my main language so it will might be a little hard to explain myself)
I own 2 Arduinos and I want to send a message between them. I have the  Nrf2401 and i followed this site: http://playground.arduino.cc/InterfacingWithHardware/Nrf2401
I copy paste the code and followed the pin connections:
* DR1 -> 2 (digital pin 2)
* CE -> 3
* CS -> 4
* CLK -> 5
* DAT -> 6

The GND is connected to ground and the VCC to 3.3V.
I also notice in the code this: Radio.remoteAddress = 1; And i realise i don't have nothing connected to pin TX->1. But i don't know what to connect to it either.
I don't get any responses from neither arduinos.
I hope you guys can help me.  :)

Thank you and sorry for my English.


Try reading this as starting point.

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First, your English is fine.

Next, I followed http://maniacbug.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/rf24network/#more-325 to get my first pair of NRF2401's to talk.  That example worked perfectly on the first try. It is explained well.

The code I used is here:  http://maniacbug.github.com/RF24Network/examples.html


I tried to follow this site you recomended http://maniacbug.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/getting-started-rf24/ and my main problem is the hardware.
In that site it says:
3V3    3V3    
CE    9    
CSN    10    
SCK    13    
MOSI    11    
MISO    12    

Thing is, in my sensors i don't have such name as MOSI or MISO. I have this one: https://dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net/images/products/1/5/2/00152-04.jpg
And I don't know where to connect those...

Crossroads, I already read that doc you suggested and i'm grateful. But my problem is the hardware. I've never worked with arduino before and i don't know which pins I have to connect to  :~


I didn't read closely enough to see the version you have uses different pin designations than the kind I have.  Perhaps this link will be more helpful:


Both operate more or less the same way, differing only in how the I/O pins are controlled.  Until now, I didn't realize the nRF2401A and nRF24L01 had different interface signals.

If you can't get your modules to work, I would really like to suggest getting the newer nRF24L01 modules.  They can be found for $1.50 to $2.00 -- far cheaper than the sparkfun modules -- either on eBay or aliexpress.com or electrodragon.com.  I can vouch for reliability buying from any of those sources, having used them all several times.  It might take a couple weeks to get the modules but for me it is worth it to save lots of money.

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