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I want to connect my Arduino Uno to a stand-alone (no PC) voice recognition board which will allow me to

control my device with one or two word commands such as: "module blink," "turn left", "turn right," "module

on," "module off;" you get the idea.  I have searched the Internet and have found 2 similar voice recognition

boards, the easyVR and smartVR shields (at sparkfun), and the Bitvoicer (at 

(http://www.bitsophia.com/BitVoicer.aspx) which look pretty good on paper and on YouTube.  HOWEVER, from what

I can determine with my limited electronics knowledge, all 3 of those boards require a PC interface.  There

is another newer board, the ES6928P talking voice recognition system  at

http://www.engineeringshock.com/es6928p-voice-recognition-circuit.html Which looks like it might work.  I

also looked at the Speakjet, but it is designed for speaking, not for speech recognition.  Firstly, I would

like your expertise in confirming that what I have written above is either correct or incorrect.  Secondly,

are there other board possibilities that I have overlooked, including using a different microcontroller, such

as a PIC or other?  Please advise.  I am open to discussing any suggestions/ideas you might have. Thanks.


if i'm not wrong, you only need the PC when creating the voice profiles.



Bitvoicer needs a PC connected at all times.  EasyVR needs a PC to program your commands only.  I have an EasyVR shield and it's standalone.  You just have to power the Arduino.


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BitVoicer does not need to be physically connected to a PC. I added wireless comunication to my project (http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,140765.0.html), so I can have a speech activated Arduino anywhere my wireless network reaches.

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