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I have just started with the Arduino, very cool part! I really had not intended to get this deep into this just yet. The Shapeoko device uses it and a GRBL piggy back board. I can talk to the UNO via the Arduino software from the website. It is installed on my XP machine and I can get the example " Blink" program to upload and run.

The GRBL stuff is another matter. Sorry to bore you guys with something that is probably really simple. Thanks in advance


Can you be a little more specific about where you're having difficulty?  What's not working as expected?



The wiki says to use a program called gcodesender and upload a Grbl08 file. The gcodesender will see the correct com port for the Arduino, but nothing really happens like the SHAPEOKO wiki says should happen.
I have reinstalled the "gcodesender" program a least three times. That is why I go back to the original Arduino software to verify that the UNO is operational.


The gcodesender will see the correct com port for the Arduino, but nothing really happens like the SHAPEOKO wiki says should happen.

A link to the SHAPEOKO wiki would be useful, then.

An explanation of what does happen, and how that is different from what you think should happen would not be amiss, either.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Of course , sorry.
The build instructions are at http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Assembly_step_15.
This is where the software is introduced and detailed.
Here; under verify the settings, is where the problem lies.
In addition to this is www.shapeoko.com/wiki and www.shapeoko.com/forum.
I have not had any luck with the latter two sites. After registration the sites should email you with the activation sequence, I guess the holidays prevented that. Hence the reason I am here.
Thanks again.


I removed the grblshield that sits ontop of the Arduino during the "normal" run.
I plugged in the USb and saw the Arduino power up. I instantiated the gcodesender, I can see the TX and the RX LEDS working when I type in the $ as stated in the instructions. Here may be the issue, according to the build instructions the Arduino should spit back some code. It does not. Moreover the |txt| file to upload does not appear to be doing anything.


Brian, I think what you are missing here is this page.
You will need to load your Arduino with the GRBL hex code that runs on the Arduino. (if you ordered the "Full" kit from Inventables the Arduino already has this pre-loaded.)
Then you will be able to use gcodesender to "stream" the gcode to the Arduino in turn the Arduino will send handle that code and control the GRBL shield that is plugged into the top of the Arduino.

If you have any other questions I'm more than happy to help you with this.  I received a ShapeOko for Christmas so I'm fairly new, but I have mine up and running.

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